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Technical Issues

Do you have an issue with one of the coupons? Please follow some of these quick tips to potentially help - and if they still don't help please feel free to notify us of a "troublesome" coupon or technical issue you may be having.

Quick Tips

Make sure your purchase qualifies for the coupon

As simple as this may sound there are times when a person can overlook this simple fact! For example, if you have a "$25 off for purchases over $100" coupon make sure you have spent at least $100 to get the savings. Spending $90 won't work unfortunately.

Keep in mind that if you don't qualify for one type of coupon there is more than likely another one available you do qualify for on our site. So don't give up on your savings!

Ensure that you are entering the coupon code correctly.

For example, the number 1 can get mixed up with a lower case L. The best way to copy your coupon code is to actually click on the coupon code on Bargainism - by doing this you are "copying" the code to your computers temporary memory. Then paste it onto the merchants site during checkout. This will ensure the code was copied & pasted exactly as needed.

Gotta love those cookies

The tracking systems in place for a good majority of "link-based" coupons utilize the use of "cookies". This helps to transfer your savings to the merchant site. Browsers such as Internet Explorer have the option to turn off cookies. It's possible yours are turned off so ensure that you have cookies activated in your browser so the savings can follow through to the merchant site.

It Still Doesn't Work!

We strive for 100% accuracy, but from time to time, without our knowledge a coupon will become discontinued before we could pull it from the site. In that instance, a coupon will not work regardless of whatever trick a person tries!

Should that happen, we encourage you to notify us of the issue. To notify us simply fill out the information below letting us know what offer/merchant is causing the trouble. Thanks!

Please note ALL items with a * below are required in order to submit form.

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